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The Book: You Are What You Say - Not How You Say It

I am thrilled and honored to share that my latest publication, "You Are What You Say – Not How You Say It," is now available. This work seeks to empower and inspire readers by chronicling my journey through living with a stutter for nearly five decades, culminating in my roles as both a leader and an educator. Within its pages, I unveil the ten principles that guided me through the challenges of stuttering, setting objectives, and fulfilling my commitments.


Mr. Joe Fisher, President and CEO of Hallmark University, contributes a compelling Foreword, asserting, "'You Are What You Say – Not How You Say It' serves as both a practical manual for those striving to overcome stuttering and a foundational text on the essential qualities of exceptional leadership. This book, rooted in genuine personal experience, offers invaluable insights, encouraging readers to confront their challenges and adopt its lessons."


You may purchase the eBook version using ISBN 978-0-578-36426-1 and the paperback with ISBN 978-0-578-35511-5, both accessible on Amazon. Additionally, the eBook is available on my website,, for those interested in further exploring these transformative insights.

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