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A Note From Dr. G

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A Note From Dr. G

Welcome to Leader On Target. Whether you are leading within your organization or community, aiming to step into a leadership role, or dedicated to lifelong learning, this platform is designed with you in mind. Let us support you as you embark on or continue your leadership journey. As leaders and perpetual learners, we recognize the essential nature of incessantly honing our skills, knowledge, and abilities, irrespective of our experience level. The realm of leadership knowledge knows no bounds.


Thus, we must never fall into the trap of believing we have mastered everything about leadership. By sharing insights and experiences, we can all grow into more formidable leaders. The more resources we add to our "Leader's Kit," the more adept we will be at confronting and navigating the challenges or crises that may lie ahead.


For me, leadership is more than a field of study; it is a passion. Teaching is not just a profession; it is my calling. And the development of future leaders? That is my mission.

---Dr. G

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